At Naran, 23 kms from Kaghan you reach the halfway point. Naran also serves as the base for the whole valley. Most visitors to Naran pay a visit to Saiful Muluk Lake (10,500 feet) 6 miles east of town.Lake Saif-ul-Mulk, named because Prince Saif-ul-Mulk-supposedly drowned here together with his beloved fairy princess by her jealous demon lover, reflects the surrounding peaks and alpine meadows in its crystal clear watersIf the road is open you can arrange transportation by jeep. If the road is closed, it is an easy, gradual three-hour walk, and the lake is a lovely spot for a picnic.

July and August see more visitors as compared to the other months of summer. Local people do most of their business to earn livelihood for the whole year in these two to three months. Their businesses vary from teashops to rent-a-jeep service.

Hotels In Naran
There are many budget hotels in Naran’s main bazar and most of people prefer to stay there. Tents on rent are also available where you can stay by paying as low as Rs.150 per night.Expensive resort with limited number of hotels and facilities are available – Heritage