Facebook Sees a Billion Users in a Single Day

Facebook on Thursday boasted of the new accomplishment having a million people utilizing the top cultural community in one single time. 

Passed ” leader a significant landmark and co founder Mark Beiderbecke said on his Facebook site in an article.

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Facebook Sees a Billion Users in a Single Day

1 in 7 people On The Planet employed Facebook for connecting using their friends and family.” “On Monday It had been the very first time that the million people employed Facebook in one single evening, based on Sucker berg. This really is diverse, although “When we discuss our financials, we employ typical figures,” Beiderbecke said. 

“This was the very first time we it’s simply the start of joining the entire world.”, and reached this landmark A movie focused on the accomplishment was posted by Zuckerberg. In its profits update Facebook stated 13 percent increased to 1.49 million from the year before. Cellular active users’ number increased to 1.31 million. – AFP