Google Out to Win Trust With Simpler Privacy Controls

Google Out to Win Trust With Simpler Privacy Controls

Google made it simpler for people using its popular online services to manage privacy, in a move aimed at bolstering trust. 

“Everyday, we make choices that affect our privacy and security online,” Google account controls and settings product manager Guemmy Kim said in a blog post. “Most people, however, don’t feel they have the right level of control to make these important decisions.”

Google out to win trust with simpler privacy controls

The California-based Internet titan announced at its developers conference here last week that people will have more control over their information in the next generation of Android software for mobile devices. Ahead of that release, due later this year, Google on Monday rolled out a new “My Account” settings control hub along with a website that consolidates answers to questions about privacy and security in its products or services. 

“We also explain how we show relevant ads without selling your personal information, how encryption and spam filtering help keep your data safe, and how your information helps customize your experience on Google,” Kim said. My Account features a ‘privacy checkup’ that walks people through security and information-sharing settings, according to Google. The moves come as Google works to assure users that it is not abusing people’s privacy to better target online ads that are its money-making engine. –Reuters