Take a Spin on a Wooden e-Bike

Take a Spin on a Wooden e-Bike

  • Designers make environmentally friendly bike frame entirely from ash
  • But high price tag means commuters unlikely to switch any time soon
  • Cycle should be available from next spring costing around £3,000

wooden bike

Cyclists are by nature an environmentally friendly bunch and now one inventor has taken things a step further by producing a bike made entirely of wood. The bike, produced by German designer Matthias Broda, also has a rechargeable electric motor which helps with pedalling making the bike popular with commuters. However with a price tag of £3,000 workers inn Britain may not be switching to pedal power any time soon. 

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Rather than traditional metal or carbon tubing, The frame of this ebike is made entirely of ash, the only exception being the wheels, motor and wiring. 

The development team, which included students from the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, now have a working prototype together which they are testing in Berlin. While the bike does look stylish, the all-wood seat could become uncomfortable on long rides or over bumpy roads. 

motor and wiring

There is also no mention of how the bike will be protected against the rain, which could warp or twist the frame out of shape. The designers said they set out to make a new vehicle which would significantly reduce the carbon footprint of more traditional, metal bikes. Motorised ebikes have become increasingly popular in Europe, and particularly in Germany. 

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While regular bike sales were down 5.5 per cent last year, sales of more expensive ebikes were up 8 per cent.  The German postal service – Deutsche Post – has 6,200 of them for its staff to use on their rounds. 

The bikes are particularly popular with commuters who don’t want to get sweaty on their way to work, and older people. -dailymail

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