Punjab Open Golf-An oppurtunity and a stern test for champions

Punjab Open Golf-An oppurtunity and a stern test for champions

Punjab Open Golf
Punjab Open Golf-An oppurtunity and a stern test for champions

The top 79 prequalified professional golfers from Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Okara, Jehlum, Rawalpindi,Islamabd and Peshawar have converged to  Gujranwala Golf and Country Club, Gujranwala Cantt for a crack  at the esteemed Punjab Open title for 2012 and also try and successfully scoop the maximum out of the cash laden prize purse of Rupees fifteen lacs( 1.5 million)-made possible because of Bank Alfalah support-through performances that can be graded as excellent.

Naturally the one emerging as the top contender gets the maximum amount while those attaining a position amongst the top 30 competitors manage amounts alloted for the positions they secure.The top ten ranked professional golf players of the country have a history of accomplishments to back their chances of success in this championship,yet one sees on the horizon some non heralded ones who seek to get noticed through forceful application of golfing skills and in the process hamper the forward march of the established ones. Predictions, assessments and statistics,however  favour the top ranked,once they tee off on Friday,2nd November at the par-72 Gujranwala Golf and Country Club Golf Course.

Mohammed Shabbir the top ranked professional of our national golf circuit is a champion whose consistency is flair loaded,with no hicups or any semblance of nervousness during competitions.Through accuracy from the tees he demonstrates emphatic control of a smooth golf swing and on other shots,from the fairways, he has the satisfaction of giving full full expression to his gifted golfing abilities.Somehow in our country he has not been honored to a level that he deserves.

Since this competition is taking place in Gujranwala,the players who herald from Lahore certainly enjoy a slight advantage over competitors who come from far off places like Karachi,on one end and from Peshawar on the other end.Lahorites regularly visit the Gujranwala Golf Course and their feel of the playing conditions is likely to give them edge over their fellow competitors.In this Shahid Javed Khan of Royal Palm Golf Golf Course hopes to raise his game to an outstanding level and make it jitters free.He has ample ability to back up his playing plan during this Championship and looks forward to an inspired performance.

A few of the professionals are due to return  from the MENA Golf Tour in UAE in the early hours on Friday and the experience of international competition has made  them battle hardened.In paticular Shafiq Masih and M.Munir have added international titles to their repertoire and during the practice sessions at Gujranwala,they appear more compact and spirited and also remarkable.

Out of the other accomplished ones Matloob Ahmed is one who is always hungry for success and capable of coming up with a polished performance.As for  whispers around the golf course,the general perception is that youngsters like Aadil and asher and Talib also have to be taken seriously.As for the playing arena, it is all ready to test the skills of the competing golfers with course getting a refreshing look.

From the championship markers the course is likely to present an exacting examination that requires meticulous shot placing accuracy due to the demanding fairways. The infrastructure is top class and the organizing team comprising Brig AteequrRehman,Lt Col Asghar Mehmood and Capt Arsalan Akhtar Satti,at Gujranwala Golf Club needs to be complimented for a wonderful job.The opening ceremony will be performed by Lt Gen Muzzamil Hussain,Corps Commander 30 Corps at 9am on 2nd November(Friday).