M.Rehman appears as leader in Punjab Golf

Lahore Gymkhana Golf CourseMuhammed Rehman of Royal Palm forced his competitve weight on the 82 other competitors to appear as the dominant one with a comfortable looking best score of gross 72,at the end of the first round of the three rounds Al Baraka Bank endorsed 30th Punjab Amateur Golf Championship,at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

During the first round Rehman did apply himself like a champion scoring five birdies on holes 3,7,8,11 and 14 but instead of ending with an under par round he had to consume his birdie excellence to neutralise the unsettling affects of five bogies ,one on the opening hole and others on holes 4,9,12 and 16.Although this average performance on some of the holes was not to his liking,what saved the day for him was that he still remained the leader.

Rehman may be enjoying his good moment but his nearest fierce competitor Sardar Murad is just a stroke behind at a score of gross 73 and preparing a strategy to stop Rehmans march to winning glory.During the first round Sardar Murad manged excellent hitting but his round was also plagued with four bogies,at least two most unwanted,and he was feeling miserable about them.However he cheered himself up after a wholesome Khawaja Zubair oriented lunch and hoped to improve his excellence in the second round.

Two more competitors looking able and compatible for the upcoming fight are Wazir Ali and Mohsin Anwar of the host club.They certainly are die hards and fighters in such competitions.More competitors not too far behind are Imran Ahmed and Khalid Mehmood.And compliments to the two marshalls Faisal Feroze and Omer Azim for keeping the pace of play smooth.
In the net event Asim Bucha outplayed the others with a net score of 63.The ladies and seniors will enter the competition today.