Ramadan Golf at Royal Palm

The first of a series of three phased Ramadan Rose Bowl Golf Championship will tee off from the front nine holes of the Royal Palm Golf Course through a shot gun start scheduled for 4pm on Friday,5th August..In keeping with the spirit of the month,over 60 golfers have registered to go for the honors in a state of self restraint,with piety oozing out of their physical and spiritual self and even their golf swings,each contestant hopeful of performing better than the others.This contest will be held over three Fridays,and the best scores of two Fridays will be considered in the ultimate tabulation.

The formidable ones with an established reputation for winning are Amir Mehmood,Sardar Murad,M.Leghari,Shoaib Bokhari and Shahid Abbas.Others who seem to get noticed through their steady play and application of golfing skills,whenever they compete are Sharjeel Awan,Abdullah Sharif,Tariq Mushtaq and Naseer Akhter.The weather is expected to be hot and Irfan Ali of Elba Engineering,the sponsor of this event hopes the competitors will play golf of quality and flourish even though in a state of self restraint.