Shahid A Khan tops in Ashraf Sugar Golf

In the Ashraf Sugar Golf Tournament contested at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course,yesterday,out of a total of 73 competing amateurs,the race for top honors was won by Shahid A.Khan of the host club with an admirable round of one under par gross 71,this notably good score coming through two birdies,fifteen regulation pars and just one bogie.Throughout the round,although continuously hounded by some very accomplished golfers like Amir Mehmood,Wazir Ali,Imran Ahmed,Shoaib Bokhari and Khawaja Imran Zubair,Shahid remained composed and his dynamics were clear,just hit well and the rest of the game will fall in place.And by all accounts this what he did.”The resolve to play to a plan has done wonders’he said and looks determined to see his name appear in the national ranks and gleefully stated that he has managed to give up smoking.

Another significant performer during this championship was Wazir Ali, a US trained golf player,who temperament wise seems to have improved vastly.During the 18 holes shoot out, except one let up when he triple bogied the par,5,16th,the pars and birdies came with regular consistency and all through the text book perfect tee shot backed by a crisp approach shot to the green.Amongst the pre tournament favorites the aspirants who got hit by putting jitters were Sardar Murad,Mohsin Zafar and even the experienced Shafiq Bhatti and had to be content with prizes other than the first.

In the handicap categories 7 to 12 and 13 to 18,upcoming players who performed well during this competition  were Muhammed Leghari(winner gross),Dr Haider Malhi(first net) and in category 13-18 the front runners were Ibrahim Qureshi(winner gross) and Dr Mohsin Anwer(first net).Amongst the ladies, talent oriented teenager Kara Alam continues to impress with her hitting and good work around the greens.Results:Ladies,1st gross,Kashfa Zafar,2nd gross Mrs Naureen Malik,3rd gross Mrs Sameea Javaid Ali;Ladies net;1st net,Kara Alam,2nd net,Asma Shami,3rd net,Mrs Rahina Ehtisham;Veterans,1st gross,Javed Hameed,2nd gross,Abdul Sattar Khan,3rd gross,Col(r) Shamsuddin Goraya;Col Goraya also won the nearest to the pin award;1st net,Air Cmdre(r)Z.I.Ahmed,2nd net,Col(r)Masood Akhter,3rd net,Javed A. Zia;Seniors,1st gross,Omer Farooq,2nd gross,Karamatullah Chaudry,3rd gross,Rai Azizullah;1st net Ch.Muhammed Akhter,2nd net,Javed A.Shah,3rd net A.Wajid Sethi;

Amateurs handicap 13-18;1st gross,Ibrahim Qureshi,2nd gross,Saifullah Chaudry,3rd gross,Ahsan Saeed Mian;1st net,Dr.Mohsin Anwer,2nd net,Rana Ahmed Noon,3rd net,Rehman Saleem;Handicap category 7-12;1st gross,Muhammed Leghari,2nd gross,Dr.Zahid A. Khan,3rd gross,Khurshid Aziz;1st net,Dr.Haider Malhi,2nd net,Jamal Nasir,3rd net,Asad Niaz;Handicap 0-6;1st gross,Shahid A.Khan,2nd gross,Sardar Murad Khan,3rd gross,Mohsen Zafar;1st net Wazir Ali,2nd net,Mohsin Anwar,3rd net,Shafiq Bhatti.The Championship was followed by a grand prize distribution ceremony where Chaudry Muhammed Zaka Ashraf,Chairman,Ashraf Group of Companies and President,ZTBL gave away prizes to the winners.