Bedridden Imran makes Final Appeal to Voters

Imran Khans Final Appeal to Voters

Addressing a crowd of some 25,000 supporters that had gathered in Islamabad’s D-Chowk on late Thursday night as well as millions of television viewers and web users, the PTI chief, dressed in a hospital gown, called upon the people of Pakistan to vote for ‘their future and their children’s future’.

He urged the voters to bring about a new Pakistan through the power of the ballot box. Addressing the people of Pakistan, province by province, he urged them to shun politics of the old and take Pakistan towards a new direction. Speaking to the people of Sindh, he questioned: “How long would you be giving votes and sacrifices on the Bhutto name?” He said that due to this approach, rural areas of Sindh remained one of the least developed parts of Pakistan.

When addressing the people of Karachi, he said that they should come out and vote on May 11 for a new path. “Parties with militant wings and involvement in extortion can never end extortion and terrorism in the city,” the PTI chief said. When speaking of Balochistan, he said that the oppressed people of the province must come out of the jungle that the local sardars have put them in. “Vote for the party that will make a new Pakistan,” Khan said. “The people of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa and Fata have made their decision,” he said, adding that “they will come out and vote to bring peace and stability to the region.” – Dawn