18 Showbiz Figures On Terrorist Hit List

18 Showbiz Figures On Terrorist Hit List

A plot to subject the high-profile showbiz personalities to sabotage activities has been uncovered, Media reported on Wednesday. 

Personnel of law-enforcement agencies arrested an operative hailing from outlawed organization and recovered from him a hit-list containing the names of 18 popular showbiz personalities.

showbiz figures
18 showbiz figures on terrorist hit list

The hit-list recovered from the terrorist includes names of five fashion designers, five fashion models, an NGO worker, anchorpersons, vocalists and a makeup artist. According to the terrorist, the people on the list are springboard of liberal thinking and free civilization in the society. 

The law-enforcers said the people on the hit-list are easy target and all of them have been alerted about the serious security threat. The security sources also said the people on the hit list have been sent heads-up to limit their movements. –SAMAA