All MQM Offices Closed on Altaf’s Order

All offices of the MQM, including its Nine Zero headquarters, were shut down on Wednesday night on the directive of the party’s chief, Altaf Hussain. 

Sources in the MQM said Mr Hussain was “extremely angry” with the coordination committee over some organisational matters.

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All MQM Offices Closed on Altaf’s Order

He phoned members of the committee and directed them to close all offices and hung up without listening to them. The sources said the committee’s members, parliamentarians and other office-bearers immediately stopped work and closed their offices. They converged outside Mr Hussain’s Azizabad residence in a bid to calm him down by extending an apology.

 “Altaf bhai is angry…we have to sit here [Nine Zero] and wait till his anger subsides,” said an MQM leader, requesting anonymity.