Resignations of PTI Sindh MPAs Accepted

With the PTI’s sit-in finally wrapped up albeit with occasional calls of protests from its chairman Imran Khan, the Sindh Assembly on Wednesday become the first legislative body to accept resignations filed by the party’s members at the height of its anti-government protests in the federal capital.

Resignations of PTI

The resignations of PTI’s Sindh Assembly members — PTI MPAs Samar Ali Khan, Khurram Sher Zaman, Syed Hafeezuddin and Seema Zia — were accepted by house speaker Agha Siraj Durrani today, months after these were submitted. The resignations were submitted to the house speaker in September at the height of the protests and sit-ins the party had been engaged in in the federal capital against what it called “massive rigging” in the 2013 general elections. “[PTI MPAs] did not communicate and I could not wait any longer…therefore their resignations have been accepted,” Durrani told reporters outside the assembly.

Responding to a question on why he had accepted the resignations in the Sindh Assembly when similar resignations had not been accepted in the National Assembly, Durrani said: “I have taken the decision on part of the Sindh Assembly…I cannot speak for the workings of the National Assembly or for any other provincial assemblies,” he added. PTI had four MPAs in the Sindh Assembly — Syed Hafeezuddin (PS-93), Samar Ali Khan (PS-113), Seema Yazdani Zia (PS-159) and Khurram Sher Zaman (PS-112) — and all had tendered resignations in September last year.