Islam Forbids Violence, Ka’aba Imam Tells Lahore Congregation

Imam of the Ka’aba Dr Shaikh Khalid Al Ghamidi during a sermon at the mosque in Lahore’s Bahria Town told the congregation that Islam forbade violence and terrorism.

Addressing the congregation before the commencement of Friday prayers, he said Islam preached peace and tolerance and that believers should respect religious differences and live in harmony with others.

Ka’aba Dr Shaikh Khalid Al Ghamidi

He said people of all faiths should be able to live in harmony in an Islamic country, adding that there was no compulsion in religion. He urged the congregation to be patient, kind and compassionate and practice self-correction. The Imam also emphasised the importance of seeking knowledge and acquiring an education. After delivering the sermon, the Imam led Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque — the largest mosque in Pakistan — where thousands had gathered to catch a glimpse of the Imam and listen to his sermon.

Strict security arrangements had been made for the momentous occasion during which the Imam said a special prayer for Pakistan. The purpose of the Imam’s visit is stated to be promotion of polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan and supporting various religious, political and social leaders in their efforts to eradicate the virus from the country.