Horse and Cattle Show Stages Comeback

Horse and Cattle Show Stages Comeback

After 11 years or so, the Punjab capital will be hosting the National Horse and Cattle Show from Thursday (today) at Fortress Stadium.

Horse and Cattle Show

Featuring tattoo shows, tent-pegging, horse dancing, dog races, polo, equestrian jumping, exhibition of industrial and agricultural products, besides, competition of milk-producing animals among cattle breeders, the show will continue till March 8.

Discontinued in 2004 owing to security concerns, the show had been one of the biggest cultural events of the country, offering cattle breeders and enthusiasts a platform for healthy competition, recreation and celebrations heralding the onset of spring season.

Cattle Show

This year, a human flag and motorbike stunts would also be part of the event where several departments and organisations would also showcase their skills, cultures and various other activities.

Trading and agricultural exhibitions, performances by several folk music bands and dance groups have been arranged at the Jilani (Racecourse) Park.