‘Tortured’ Maid Rescued, Employer Arrested

The Child Welfare and Protec­t­ion Bureau (CWPB) recovered on Thursday an 11-year-old girl, allegedly a victim of torture and illegal detention, during a raid at a house in Johar Town. Police arrested the house owner.

 employer arrested

The victim was identified as Um-i-Rubab of Sargodha, who was hired by the family as domestic servant. CWPB chairperson Saba Sadiq said the girl was a domestic worker in the house of Irfan, a grade 18 officer working in the Audit and Accounts Department of the federal government. She said that someone had alerted the helpline (1121) of the CWPB about the girl’s maltreatment by her employers.

She said a CWPB team, accompanied by Johar Town policemen, raided the house and recovered the girl. Ms Sadiq said that officials witnessed marks of torture and violence on the girl’s face and other parts of her body. “The family members used to beat me with plastic pipe even on false complaints of their children,” she was quoted as telling the rescue team.