Lahore Totally Fogged Out; Motorway Closed

Lahore Totally Fogged Out; Motorway Closed

Chilled air passing over the dampened lands poured forth rolls of thick fog over Lahore and parts jamming sunlight.

Lahore fog

Plummeting visibility to near zero, and resultantly bringing the operations at Allama Iqbal International Airport to a flightless halt. The fog, which is hanging in heavy, is doing all that it does to multiply the problems for people, who are already hit by bone-marrow-chilling cold.


Apart from air, the zero visibility has also made it next to impossible for the motorists, transporters, and railway authorities to risk any sort of travelling. 

Furthermore, Motorway has also been closed for all kinds of traffic and motorists have been instructed to all avoid traveling altogether, but if it is awfully necessary for them to, then drive slowly, and use reflectors. -samaa