Imran Khan Demands Judicial Probe into Multan Tragedy

Imran Khan Demands Judicial Probe into Multan Tragedy

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan Sunday reiterated his demand for a judicial probe into Qasim

Bagh Stadium stampede, saying he wanted the inquiry by a judge because the administration could not investigate the matter in an impartial way. 

Imran Khan
Imran Khan Demands Judicial Probe into Multan Tragedy

Addressing a news conference here at the residence of a party leader after visiting the homes of the deceased who got killed in stampede after PTI’s public meeting in Multan on Friday last, he added that his party had also called a core committee meeting to launch internal investigation into the tragic incident which claimed seven lives. He said the people entered the stadium from one door and found it locked on their return which caused the tragedy. He demanded that the investigation should be held to identify who locked the gate. He maintained that the power supply to all street lights outside the stadium was also suspended which contributed to the accident. He told the journalists that the PTI would collaborate with the local administration before Sargodha public meeting for averting any likewise incident.

Imran said he would personally review all arrangements before Sargodha procession. He added that the stage arrangements were inadequate, therefore, he would personally supervise the stage arrangements in all upcoming events. Answering a question, he dispelled the impression that he had support from establishment, saying had he backing of the third force, he would have come into power much earlier. He said he wanted to come into power with the support of public. 

He declared that he would continue to fight against status quo parties. The PTI chief said that both Nawaz Sharif and Zardari protected each other. “Zardari says the elections will only be held as per his wish. He is paying back to Nawaz Sharif by supporting him for the protection given to him by Sharif in NRO and Swiss cases,” he alleged. To some pinching questions, the PTI chief said he could not answer all the questions here, saying he was not sitting before any inquiry tribunal.

He told the media that his party would not blame anyone for manoeuvring the incident until the findings of the judicial inquiry surfaced. He regretted that the people were getting killed in stampede while police stood indifferent. “Even in cinemas all doors are opened when the people start going out,” he maintained. He said he visited the homes of the deceased and he was given warm welcome everywhere. “If anyone suspected that we orchestrated this incident, this welcome is a clear answer to their suspicions,” he declared. He categorically declared that the doors were always taken care of by the administration everywhere in the world. He hoped that the impartial inquiry would unveil the faces of those responsible for this tragedy and it would block the way of likewise tragedies in future. He said the incident converted PTI’s celebrations into mourning and now pressure was being exerted on him on the issue of investigations.

He reiterated that the arrangements made by the local administration for the public meeting were inadequate. He congratulated Malala for winning Nobel Prize and said that she talked about girls’ education which was also part of PTI’s manifesto. Later on, a former MPA from Dera Ghazi Khan, Chunnu Khan Laghari, announced to join PTI along with his supporters. 

Earlier, all the district office-bearers including district president of PTI Ijaz Janjua boycotted Imran’s press conference. Meanwhile, the PTI chief Imran Khan visited the house of deceased workers of PTI in Qasim Bela, Delhi Gate and Laar and announced financial assistance worth Rs 5 lac to each family. He also announced to get the brother of the deceased Asad Ullah a job in Qatar. -nation