Woman Confirmed Dead In TV Channel’s Stage Collapse

Woman Confirmed Dead In TV Channel’s Stage Collapse

One woman was confirmed dead on Tuesday as a result of the stage collapse during a recording of ARY Zindagi’s show at Bahria Enclave Islamabad a week ago.

TV channel’s
Woman confirmed dead in TV channel’s stage collapse

Speaking to Medai, the husband of Samina Adnan, who had died in the stage collapse, disclosed that his 45-year-old wife succumbed to her injuries on May 4. Recounting the details of the incident, her husband Adnan Rizvi said that he had gone to the event with his wife and children. Owing to the rush, his family were made to sit on the upper platform. Just before the platform collapsed, I could feel it shaking beneath me. After it collapsed, everywhere I could see people lying injured,” he added. According to Adnan, the management fled from the scene after the collapse occurred and it was up to the injured persons to help themselves into ambulances. Since a lot of people were injured in the collapse, three to four persons were stuffed inside one ambulance,” he said. Adnan disclosed that his wife had suffered from injuries on her lower back and had died in PIMS hospital on May 4.

Adnan said that he had also suffered from injuries and his children, a boy and a girl, were under immense psychological stress as a result of the traumatic incident. As of now, no concerned institution has contacted us,” he said. Adnan Rizvi said that ARY had offered compensation to him for his wife’s death. However, the amount of compensation was not disclosed to him. In a letter, Bahria Town belatedly demanded explanation from the ARY television over a tragedy that left one dead and scores of people wounded during the recording of a program in the last week of April. It should be mentioned here that the human tragedy went largely unnoticed in the media as ARY and Bahria Town did not allow the story to be leaked to the mainstream media. 

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According to details, scores were wounded when the shoddy seating apparatus crashed during recording of ARY Zindagi’s show called Eidi Sab Kay Liye organized at Islamabad’s Bahria Town Enclave. However, the pictures and videos of the incidents flooded the social media triggering an alarm over the scale of the casualties as there are reports that over 150 people sustained injuries in the incident. Seated on elevated bleachers, most people broke their bones as they collapsed from the height of almost two and half floors. According to a blogger (who claimed to be among the injured who helped himself to a nearby hospital when the seating apparatus collapsed), the Emergency Room of PIMS hospital was teeming with the injured. I noticed that many victims had sustained injuries that made our wounded bodies seem insignificant.

Some had endured serious spinal cord injuries, and from the conversations we overheard between them and the doctors, they were at risk of life-long paralysis,” he wrote for The Nation. Some users of micro-blogging website also indicated the crash of ARY set caused deaths as well. However, the reports could not have been independently verified. According to sources, some of the participants of the show also complained to the television management about the shaky sitting arrangements that seemed not sturdy enough to withstand the weight. However, the management overlooked the complaints. According to the accounts of some eyewitnesses, the members of TV management fled the site as soon as the tragedy befell leaving the people particularly children trapped under the broken structure.

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Quite interestingly, Bahria Town ‘took notice’ of the incident on May 6 more than a week after the incident took place and asked the ARY management to account for the tragedy. The letter, addressed to ARY Senior Manager Operations Lt. Col. (retd.) Gulfaraz Malik, mentioned ‘some of the guests’ who were invited to the show were injured in the incident. The letter states, “You may also be aware that Bahria Enclave as part of its CSR initiative, extended all possible help to the injured guests, including provision of the first aid, ambulances, and all possible medical help on the site, apart from sending out special teams on emergency basis to various hospitals to offer any help/assistance to the injured