Plane Diverted After UK Authorities Received ‘Vague Security Threat’: PIA

Pakistan International Airlines Tuesday said that its Lahore-Heathrow flight PK-757 was diverted to Stansted airport after UK authorities received some vague security threat through a phone call.

“Reference media queries it is explained that UK authorities received some vague security threat through an anonymous phone call regarding PIA’s Lahore-Heathrow flight PK-757 before its landing at Heathrow, after which, as per their standard procedures the aircraft was diverted to Stansted airport,” said a statement issued by PIA spokesman. 

The statement also read that security clearance was underway and that all passengers onboard are safe and being looked after by the PIA’s local management. It stated passengers will be provided surface transport to London. For the return flight efforts are underway to ensure least inconvenience to passengers, it added. Earlier, it was reported that PIA plane carrying 150 passengers was diverted to Stransted Airport owing to a bomb threat. 

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The PIA station manager said the flight PK-757 asked permission to make an emergency landing at the Heathrow Airport. The authorities, however, denied the request due to security concerns and diverted the plane to Stansted Airport. –Samaa