PIA Plane Flies to Djibouti to Rescue Pakistani Evacuees

PIA Plane Flies to Djibouti to Rescue Pakistani Evacuees

A flight of national flag carrier has left Karachi for Djibouti to bring back Pakistani expatriates, who were marooned in the conflict-wearied Yemen. 

The PIA plane flew from Karachi airport in Friday’s wee hours and will land at Djibouti airport at about 5:50am this morning.

PIA plane flies

With a capacity for 210 passengers, the Airbus flight PK7003 will be named PK7004 as it carries back home from Djibouti nearly 200 stranded Pakistanis, who were brought on board a Chinese vessel from Aden—the worst ravaged city  in strife-hit Yemen.It should be mentioned here that Chinese ship transported 186 Pakistani nationals from Aden. Owing to the dilapidated security conditions in Aden, Chinese ship docked in the open sea near Aden and evacuees were shuttled to the ship on board small boats. 

The plane, traversing the no-fly zone, will reach Djibouti in four hours as it will have to take an elongated air travel route as a part of Pakistan’s ongoing evacuation operation, after Yemeni and Saudi aviation authorities gave clearance to this effect. Senior captain Tanvir will operate the flight that is expected to reach back in Islamabad around 2pm today. –SAMAA