KPK getting American investment while Imran wants to stop NATO supplies

KPK getting American investment while Imran wants to stop NATO supplies

American investmentFederal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid here on Sunday said Imran Khan himself is getting American investment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and at the same time he is repeating claims of stopping the NATO supplies.

While commenting on the talk of Chairman Tehrik e Insaf with media, the Minister said contradiction in words and actions of Imran Khan is absurd.He said, “We have said this before that Imran Khan should focus on the job which is delegated to him by the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and should not waste his time in giving advices to the federal government.”He said Imran Khan is not aware that when PML-N took up responsibility at the federal level Pakistan was completely isolated at the international level and the country was mentioned in the context ofm terrorism, it was facing energy crisis and the economy was in dire straits. The Minister said Nawaz Sharif made efforts at national and international level to resolve these problems and undertook visits to important countries like China, Turkey, Britain and United States because of which Pakistan became a part of international mainstream.

It was acknowledged at the international level that Pakistan has an important role to play in the war on terrorism, which has created immense economic problems for it, he stated. The Minister said Chinese Premier during his visit to Pakistan invited Nawaz Sharif to China. During the visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to China the historic Pakistan-China economic corridor agreement was signed, he said, adding detailed discussions were held with China and Turkey on the energy issue. The Minister said during his visit to Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister informed in detail the Saudi leadership about the issues facing Pakistan and Saudi leaders assured of their all possible cooperation to Pakistan. The Minister said on the invitation of President Barack Obama, the Prime Minister visited the United States, where he candidly told the American leadership about Pakistan’s genuine security concerns in the region.

He said the Prime Minister frankly gave his viewpoint on the drone attacks and talked about Kashmir. In the last ten years it was for the first time that any Pakistani Prime Minister was welcomed so warmly in the United States. Before that everybody conducted working visits but the visit of Nawaz Sharif was a formal state visit, he added. The Information Minister said the Prime Minister visited those countries which could give some benefits to Pakistan and he achieved economic and political benefits for Pakistan during their visits. He said if by staying at home foreign investment can be received, economic problems can be solved and energy crisis can be ended, then for that may be Imran Khan have a unique formula.

The Information Minister said government is serious in dialogue with Taliban and “we will adopt a suitable strategy for this”. Neither drone attacks nor any other issue could come in the way of dialogue, he said adding, “we have made it clear to the American leadership that drone attacks should be stopped in every situation as these are against Pakistan’s dignity. “If Imran Khan stops giving us advice on this issue it will be better,” he remarked. Pervaiz Rashid hoped that complete peace would be established in the country particularly Karachi and Balochistan due to sincere efforts of the government. Due to foreign visits of the Prime Minister, economy of the country would be revived and because of the foreign investment energy crisis would be resolved, the Minister added. – App