Afia case to be taken up with US after consulting her family: Malik

ISLAMABAD, Sep 28 (APP): Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Tuesday that the case of Dr.Afia would be taken up with the United States after holding consultation with her family and lawyers.Talking with media outside the parliament, he said “The government will move forward on the issue of Dr.Afia with US after the consultation with her family and lawyers.” He said the issue of Dr.Afia has been thoroughly discussed with the law ministry, foreign office and legal experts for her return to Pakistan.
The Minister said the government has also written a letter to the US government for allowing Dr.Afia to talk with her family on telephone.Rehman Malik said the government will not impose any condition on Dr. Afia’s family for her return.

To a question, the Minister said the President of Pakistan had pardoned his sentence under the law, adding that the same facility was also granted to the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and some other people.

“It was my right and I have done nothing against the law,” he added. Commenting on the issue of missing persons, he said although it was created by the Musharraf regime but the PPP-led government has recovered most of them.

He also appreciated the role of Supreme Court in recovery of the missing persons.
To a question, he said Pakistan is playing a role of front-line state in the war against terrorism, adding that the international community has time and again appreciated the serious and effective efforts of Pakistan in eliminating the menace from the region.
About the NATO forces’ attack inside the Pakistani territory, he said the government has taken up the issue with the NATO forces. However, he said it is not clear that NATO forces have attacked on ‘no-man’s land or inside the Pakistan.

The Minister said the government of Pakistan has asked the US for transferring of drone technology. Commenting on the incidents of target killings in Karachi, he said the government has taken appropriate measures to improve law and order situation there.
However, the minister said he will present a comprehensive report on the incidents of target killings in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Responding to another question, he said a judicial commission comprising judges from Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be constituted to probe the alleged murder plot of the Lahore High Court Chief Justice.

The Minister said the commission would find out the motive behind the alleged murder-plot of the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court. He said there was possibility that it would have been designed to create rift among Federal,Punjab governments and judiciary.

To a question he said foolproof security arrangements have been made for judges – App