Property Tycoon ‘Invests’ in Senate Elections

Property Tycoon ‘Invests’ in Senate Elections

Walkways of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and MPAs Hostel are abuzz with rumours about a real estate giant ‘investing’ money in the upcoming Senate elections. 

Lawmakers say that money and not political ideology is likely to be the main and decisive factor for winning the polls in the province.

Senate elections

Horse trading seems to be an outdated methodology in the coming polls. The property tycoon is stated to be backing the candidates of a political party in the provincial assembly that can be a game-changer. “Some of the lawmakers have become front men of the candidates, who are discussing deals with lawmakers at the MPAs Hostel,” confided one legislator. “The price of votes for the Senate elections has not been fixed as yet.” “One thing is, however, obvious that money rather than political ideology and morals seem to become an overriding factor in the upcoming elections for the Upper House of parliament,” he maintains. 

The expected use of money in elections has worried some of the lawmakers in general and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in particular. MPAs of the PTI who have formed “pressure group” in the assembly say that ruling party may end up as a major loser in the number game, given the amount of cash involved. And this singular factor, say party lawmakers on background basis, was enough to cause tremendous amount of anxiety to party leaders with some losing sleep over what they believe could come as a big embarrassment. “Things are going out of hands,” a senior party lawmaker confided.