Five Peshawar Children Drown in the Well

At least five children reportedly drowned after falling in an erstwhile artesian well here on Tuesday evening,

 children drown well

“A rather dilapidated top of an old unused well, which had now turned into a cesspit, collapsed under the weight of more than a dozen of children sitting on it in Pushtkhara are of Khyber Pakhtukhwa’s provincial capital,” Senior Superintendent of Police Cantonment told Samaa. 

According to the police official, eight of the 13 children, who had gone down in the sump with the debris, have been saved. “I am afraid five of the unfortunate minors could not be saved; however, the death toll may rise as we don’t know exactly how many children were involved in the incident” the SSP said. He said the rescue operation was yet underway. -samaa