Two IDPs Killed in Clash with Police

Two IDPs Killed in Clash with Police

Two internally displaced persons (IDPs) from North Waziristan Agency were killed and 11 others injured in Bannu District on Thursday when the IDPs clashed with the local police during a ration distribution.

“Two IDPs died of bullet wounds after police resorted to aerial firing to discipline the unruly crowd,” said a senior government official. He said that at least 17 policemen were wounded during their clash with the IDPs at a sports complex in Bannu District, 180 kilometres south of Peshawar.

“The IDPs stormed the distribution points looting all the goods available for them and unfortunately two of them succumbed to bullet wounds,” he added. “The Bannu-Kohat Road was blocked with burned tyres. Stick-wielding IDPs attacked vehicles and passers-by. They even did not spare cops when they got hold of a few of them,” a local said.

“The civil administration called out the military that controlled the situation and opened the road as well,” he added. Thousands of North Waziristan residents are camped in Bannu District since June after the military launched an operation against the banned militant organisation Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other militant groups.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken notice of the incident and directed the government officials to address the situation immediately. -dailytimes