Imran Greets KP Govt for Satisfying needs of People

Imran Greets KP Govt for Satisfying needs of People

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Greets KP Govt
PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Islamabad—Chairman PTI Imran Khan congratulated the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on being able to satisfy the needs of the people of the province despite the acute security situation in the province.

The latest Gallup Pakistan survey shows that although 44 percent of Pakistanis questioned were dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan, in KPK 57 percent were satisfied. This figure was far above the other three provinces.

In PMLN-governed Punjab the satisfied percentage was a 27 percent, with only 26 percent of people in PPP-governed Sindh expressing satisfaction and just 8 percent expressing satisfaction in Balochistan. PTI feels even allowing for survey distortions, PTI’s performance in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa is being appreciated by the people of the province as services are beginning to reach them and the elected representatives are showing sensitivity towards their electorate.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan assured the people of KPK that they will see even more progress as PTI’s policies of change. Come to fruition.

Meanwhile, PTI’s Central leadership felt the KPK government has been vindicated by this new survey as it operates in a highly acute security environment to deliver to the people.