Pakistan Raises Issue Of Drone Strikes At UN Human Rights Council

Pakistan Raises Issue Of Drone Strikes At UN Human Rights Council

Speaking at the Human Rights council in Geneva, Permanent Representative of Pakistan, Ambassador Tehmina Janjua stressed that the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms should respond to human rights violations and the loss of precious lives as a result of drone strikes on the territory of Pakistan in violation of its sovereignty.

Pakistan raises issue of drone strikes at UN Human Rights Council

She emphasized that these drone strikes are also a violation of UN Charter, International Law including Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Pakistan has been stressing repeatedly that use of armed drones or remotely piloted aircrafts is a breach of human rights, in particulars, the right to life, which is non-derogable.

The Ambassador urged the international community and the Human Rights Council to remain seized of human rights violations taking place as a result of illegal drone strikes. Last month, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif met with U.S.

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Ambassador David Hale to express Islamabad’s serious concerns over the drone strike that killed the former Taliban leader in Balochistan. COAS denounced “such acts of sovereignty violations” as “detrimental to relations and counter-productive for the ongoing peace process.” 

He insisted that “Pakistan’s efforts, successes and sacrifices in fight against terrorism have been unparalleled.” Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed inside Pakistan in the drone strike on May 21 that hit his vehicle in Balochistan province. The airstrike strained relations between Pakistan and the United States.