LHC Summons NAB’s Punjab Director General

Taking exception to inefficiency of the National Accountability Bureau’s investigating officers and defiance of the court orders, the Lahore High Court summoned director general of the NAB-Punjab. 

A division bench headed by Justice Mahmood Maqbool Bajwa was hearing a petition of a defunct forex company’s affectee, who had invested $5,000 with it.

Altaf Hussain
LHC Summons NAB’s Punjab Director General

Muhammad Husain Rana, the petitioner, told the court that he had been compelled by the NAB to receive only Rs27,450 with an undertaking that he would be satisfied after receipt of the amount. Whereas, he said, the NAB had previously verified his claim to the extent of 5,000US$ invested in ROUF International Advisory Services, that defrauded public at large. Petitioner stated that the NAB had been delaying payment of his approved claim for the last 10 years. He asked the court to order the NAB to release the amount of his approved claim. 

A NAB deputy prosecutor told the court that Haroon Ahmad, the owner of the defaulted company, had been released after undergoing the sentence and he had no property or asset which could be attached to recover the claims amount. The bench observed that a simple matter lingered on due to inefficiency of the NAB officers concerned, which could not be appreciated. It directed the NAB Punjab director general to appear in person on Oct 5, along with the investigating officer concerned.