Importance of Independence Day – 14 August

Importance of Independence Day – 14 August

14th August may be an ordinary date of the English calendar for the rest of the world, but it holds immense importance in the life of every Pakistani, as it is the independence day of our beloved country Pakistan.

14th August 1947 is considered as the most remarkable day in the history of Pakistan, as it marks the Independence Day of our country.

Independence Day – 14 August
Importance of Independence Day – 14 August

Being the independence day of our country, 14th August has a great significance in the history of Pakistan. To pay tribute to the sacrifices of our leaders and people, and to celebrate the independence of Pakistan, 14th August is celebrated every year with great passion. The Independence Day is celebrated with joy and pleasure to show our happiness of being independent on the map of the world. The whole nation of Pakistan celebrates the Independence Day to thank Allah for giving us separate homeland where we can spend our lives according to teachings of Islam. Public holiday is observed on the independence day of Pakistan. All governmental, non-governmental offices, organizations, educational institutions, post offices, and major markets are closed, so that people can have a day off work to enjoy the 14th August.

Public transport remains unavailable on all major routes. Many people show their love and affection towards their country on 14th August by dressing in the colors of green and white, which are Pakistan’s official flag’s colors.

People all over Pakistan celebrate Independence Day with great patriotic zest. To enjoy the true spirit of 14th August, people visit national monuments and places of national significance on the Independence Day. On the great Independence Day, national flag of Pakistan is hoisted on public, private buildings and residences and monuments at dawn. Official Government buildings including Parliament House are decorated beautifully to observe the true spirit of 14th August. On this special occasion of Independence Day, the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan address the nation to congratulate them and to highlight the significance of the Independence Day.

Not only the big commercial buildings are decorated with beautiful and colorful lighting effects, but streets and houses are also decorated with candles, oil lamps, flags and pennants to celebrate the Independence Day. Many big functions and concerts are also arranged where firework shows are also put together on the eve of Independence Day for celebration. While the people of Pakistan rejoice the Independence Day through celebrations and fireworks, they also pay homage to people who devoted their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement and made sacrifices to attain a separate independent country.

On the national monuments, special parades have been arranged on the Independence Day. wishes all its readers and visitors a very happy Independence Day, as it is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity. Long Live Pakistan! Ameen