India Created Trust Deficit: Rangers DG

Rangers DG Maj Gen Khan Tahir Bahadur Khan on Thursday said that by killing two Rangers personnel at Shakargarh Sector, India had created a trust deficit, making it impossible to resolve minor differences at post level flag meetings.

Rangers DG

Talking to the media here, he said the incident had generated the need to evolve a new mechanism to resolve minor border, Line of Control or working boundary issues with India. Maj Gen Khan said the incident was unprecedented as Indian Border Security Force (BSF) had requested for a flag meeting. Pakistan Rangers sent two personnel in response and they were asked to wait despite three requests for the meeting.

Ultimately, they were fired upon and injured while the Rangers were not allowed to rescue them as a result of which they expired, he said. The Rangers DG said India was responsible for the situation created as a result of the killing of two Rangers personnel. Special efforts would have to been made to evolve a new mechanism to resolve minor post level issues between the two border forces, he said. -dawn