Musharraf Rejects Western-style Democracy in Pakistan

Musharraf Rejects Western-style Democracy in Pakistan

In an interview to the BBC, former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday ruled out the practicality of a ‘western form of democracy’ in Pakistan. 

Speaking on the popular BBC show HARDtalk, Musharraf said that democracy should be adapted according to the Pakistani environment and circumstances.


“You want to enforce your kind of democracy everywhere…this is not practical. Every nation has their own problems and circumstances, and every country should act according to its circumstances,” he said. “I myself strongly believe in democracy, but I think here in Pakistan your London- or US-like democracy cannot be implemented. “We should be democratic. We believe in democracy but we should mold it according to the Pakistani environment,”

Said the former army strongman, who is currently facing high treason charges in court for actions taken during his term in power. Musharraf again claimed in the BBC interview that the treason allegations against him were motivated by politics and revenge. “These charges have been manufactured and they are politically motivated in every way. These are acts of vengeance and I am the target. I have faith that truth and justice will prevail,” he said. -dawn