Indian Shelling Continues

Indian Shelling Continues

Eleven head of cattle were killed and a number of houses were damaged in heavy shelling by Indian forces on Pakistan’s villages along Sialkot border on Sunday.

Indian shelling
Indian shelling continues

According to senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, India’s Border Security Forces started shelling on villages Dhamaala-Charwah,

Tulsipur, Rangor, Gandiyal, Sapwaal, Baghiyaari, Joiyaan, Bajra Garhi, Harpal, Anula, Khokhar, Nandpur, Jangura, Sakhiyaal, Kothey Raja, Salaankey, Beeni Sulehriyaan, Nandpur, Sakhiyaal , Kothey Raja, Tongar, Raja Harpal, Sukmaal, Daallowali, Thathi, Thathi Khurd, Meendarwal and adjoining areas on Saturday night.

The shelling continued the whole night, but no loss of life was reported because people had vacated almost all villages along the Sialkot Working Boundary. More than a week-long Indian shelling has affected about 70,000 people and about 40,000

people of 70 border villages have shifted to safe places in urban parts of Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur. Reuters adds: According to a press release issued by the foreign ministry in Islamabad on Sunday, Indian firing has killed 12 civilians and injured 52 in Pakistan so far this month. -dawn