No Dialogue Till Release of PTI Workers: Imran Khan

No Dialogue Till Release of PTI Workers: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday that his committee of negotiators had categorically told the opposition jirga that there would be no dialogue with the government until the release of PTI workers.

Imran Khan
No dialogue till release of PTI workers: Imran

He said the government should understand that the ongoing PTI movement would not stop until the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “I am ready to sit with the protesters at the sit-in for one year but will not leave the place without the prime minister’s resignation.” Mr Khan said the government was afraid of the ideology of the participants of the sit-in. “These 35 days at the sit-in were the best days of my 18-year political career and I enjoy every moment of it.

There will be no worry if I don’t become prime minister, but it will be a great happiness for me that I have succeed in creating awareness among the people for achieving their rights.” He said people had rejected the VIP culture in the country. “I want to see a Pakistan in which a common citizen considers himself a VIP of the country.” He appealed to the PTI supporters across the country to reach Islamabad and participate in what he called the historical sit-in.

TAHIRUL QADRI: Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahirul Qadri warned the rulers to avoid any crackdown on his workers on Thursday night; otherwise it will be the last night of the PML-N government. He alleged that PML-N workers, PTV employees and police were involved in the attack on the state-run television. 

He claimed that he had recognised six PTV employees involved in the attack. “Mr Nawaz Sharif, if you try to arrest my supporters I will not spare you,” he warned and said he himself would lead his supporters in the fight against police if the government tried to arrest PAT workers.