Islamabad Police Arrests DJ Butt

Islamabad Police Arrests DJ Butt

Spokesperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Shireen Mazari has confirmed that the Islamabad police have arrested DJ Butt and many of the PTI workers from the restaurant in Islamabad today. Shireen Mazari has condemned the unlawful arrests of its workers and supporters and has demanded to release them immediately.

DJ Butt  arrests
Islamabad police arrests DJ Butt


Arrest & victimization of DJ Butt shows the monarchical mindset of Sharifs. He is a DJ/sound system provider who provides services to anyone Earlier, PTI chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday decided to mark one month of ‘Azadi March’ sit-in protest by observing ‘One Nation Day’ on September 13. Being associated with PTI DJ Butt is known to be the zeal of the PTI marches, rallies and sit-in processions as he is the man behind the music played at all PTI events. 

State and Punjab police jointly raided a hostel in sector G-8/1 Islamabad today at 5 am on Friday and arrested three students namely Faizan, Mian Umer and Shafeeq. All the three students wearing Imran Khan print shirts have been transferred to an undisclosed location. The relatives of the students said they are unable to locate their children in any of the police stations.

They further stated that the students’ mere offense was that they were wearing Imran Khan print shirts but they were not Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers.