Railway Track Blown Up‏ in Balochistan’s Bolan

Militants blew up a railway track on Thursday morning in Balochistan’ s Bolan district.  A Levies official who requested anonymity said militants had planted explosive material close to the railway track in Bolan district’s Bala Nari area.

Pakistan Railways Train
Railway track blown up‏ in Balochistan’s Bolan

He added that some three feet on the track was blown up in the explosion, adding that the train service to and from Balochistan was temporarily suspended in the aftermath of blast and will be resumed following the restoration of the damaged track. Repair work has just started, the official said, adding that the railway’s technical staff was called from Quetta to ensure immediate repair of the track.

Bolan is considered as among the sensitive and troubled districts of Balochistan where militants have been targeting security forces and vital national installations for over a decade. Passengers as well as freight trains have been targeted in Bolan and other parts of the southwestern province during the past few years and the government had barred the train service from operating in the province during the night following a deadly attack on a passenger train in Sibi a few months back.  -dawn