Qadri Delays ‘Inquilab’ to 5pm Today

Qadri Delays ‘Inquilab’ to 5pm Today

As the deadline given to the government by Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) expired at midnight on Monday, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said that a meeting of ‘people’s parliament’ would be staged at the protest sit-in and urged the masses to participate in large numbers.

Qadri delays ‘Inquilab’ to 5pm today

He congratulated the demonstrators on carrying out a successful sit-in and urged them to stay active. “It’s now prohibited to sit in homes,” he said. “today at 5pm in the evening … a meeting of people’s parliament will be held,” he added.

Recalling the hardships faced by PAT workers from the Punjab Police in the aftermath of Model Town tragedy, he said the likely ‘revolution’ by his party will be dedicated to the 14 ‘martyrs’ of Lahore. On the occasion, he termed the ‘14 martyrs of Model Town tragedy’ as real heroes. The anti-government cleric said that the ‘inqilaab’ cannot wait any longer. -dawn

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