Celebrate Eid Fetsivities With Full Joy,  EID MUBARAK

Celebrate Eid Fetsivities With Full Joy, EID MUBARAK

Eid is a day full of happiness and joy. Everyone celebrates it to the fullest. Many of us don’t even know the meaning of Eid ul fitar: it actually means to break the fast. This Eid is celebrated after the end of Ramadan. This is the day to thank Allah for all the blessings he has given to us.

Celebrate Eid Fetsivities with full joy, EID MUBARAK

The Eid start with the Eid prayers and after the prayers everyone greet each other with love. Poor and needy also feed this day. The Eid celebrations last for three days and everyone celebrates it with their own family traditions and culture.  Eid is incomplete without Chand raat. It is the night when all the family and friends go out and do last minute shopping for the Eid. Many men take their women for Mehndi and bangles. Restaurants and malls are filled with people.  

The Eid ul fitar day starts off when men come back home after Eid Namaz, they are served with some special dessert known as “Sawayen”, it is a very traditional dessert, everyone eats it and enjoys. Like other festive occasion Eid is also celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone at home gets up early and gets ready for the Eid prayers. There is a tradition of wearing Shalwar Kameez, which looks really good. All the young girls and women dress up properly, which gives a very good feeling.  Eid is a day when everyone is happy, it is a gift of Allah to the Muslims. Eid is the time to be spent with family and friends. Eid is the best time when kids go out and get things of their own choice, in the small cities Eid Mela is very common.  

Eid is perfect when you have special dresses and other things too. For men and woman in our society, occasions like Eid are celebrated with colors. Girls and the women wear bangles and put Mehndi which shows how much you are excited.  Eid celebration is incomplete without Eidi, it is a gift one gets from the elder family member. Eidi is given in cash. The best thing Eidi is that the cash is given in new notes, the fresh notes smells amazing. In some family there is a trend that if you are not properly dressed up you will not get eidi. The feeling of getting Eidi is amazing, can’t be described in words.  In the morning and evening guests also starts coming just to meet and spend time with you. They bring something sweet with them such as cake or mitahi.

It is a tradition to take something on Eid when you go to someone place.  Eid is also incomplete without food. Food is the best way to express your emotions and loves to others. Pakistani society loves to eat, Eid is the time to cook the best food. There are many dishes which are cooked at every home such as Biryani. It has become on the international Cusines and it is the must Eid dish. Usually what happens ON Eid is that the family gets together at the family house and then they have food together. The very common trend is that special dishes are made for lunch such as Haleem, Nehari, Biryani, salads, chicken karahi, and mutton roast for lunch. For the evening barbecue is arranged. All the females are free and males are making it for everyone.

This is the time when the family gets together and spent quality time with each other. After this all cousins go out for ice cream or some dessert.  Eid is the only day when the family meets and spent more time together. Eid unites each other and you can only enjoy Eid when you are spending it with your family and friends. Eid is the time when we must also be given to the needy, make sure you get clothes and things for your servants too so that they can enjoy as much as you do.