PM hints at constitution of China Cell to oversee projects

PM hints at constitution of China Cell to oversee projects

PM hints at constitution of China Cell to oversee projects
PM hints at constitution of China Cell to oversee projects

GUANGZHOU: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Sunday said that he would set up a ‘China Cell’ in his office, tasked with supervision of all the development projects to be executed with the Chinese cooperation in Pakistan.

He said the Cell would be of specific nature, overseeing and pursuing the execution of such development projects to steer the country out of the present issues. Informing the media persons about his visit here, the Prime Minister said that he had held very fruitful meetings with the Chinese leadership including President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang. He said that they had held hours’ long meetings with the Chinese corporations and companies over the energy and infrastructure issues and they too sensed that Pakistan was taking extraordinary interest in these projects. “I asked them to form a task force.

We have constituted one to be headed by federal minister Ahsan Iqbal while our hosts also formed the similar one. We want the completion of such projects at the earliest,” he added.Citing the level of commitment during his previous tenure, the Prime Minister said that they had a track record of completing the Motorway while on the other hand, the GT road was yet to be completed.He also urged for increasing the current trade volume of Pakistan with China which stood at around 12 billion dollars.

He regretted that the steps which were required during the last one decade had not been taken and reiterated that tough steps should be taken to address the issues, as Pakistan was currently facing law and order situation, energy crises and other issues.The Prime Minister referring to delay in execution of 969 MW Neelum-Jhelum hydro power project, observed that it was put on back-burner during the last three decades.Nobody had ever thought about it, as they only sat idle with crossed fingers, he added.The Prime Minister declared that those responsible should be held accountable for showing such slackness towards the important power project of national interest.

He said for tackling such complex issues, they would have to take tough decisions in the larger national interests.The country did not require such civil servants or concerned officials who had not been pushing forth the completion of development projects, rather the fresh talented blood should be injected through civil service ‘who have missionary zeal’ and realization for the significance of such projects, he emphasised.The Prime Minister observed that they should have no hesitation in bringing such lot who could plug the gap and desire to work only for the cause of the country.

About the Pak-China trade corridor, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated that it would bring change in the socio-economic uplift of the countrymen and the whole region.He said the steps would be taken for turning Gwadar Port a real trade hub and termed the upcoming cooperation in the energy and infrastructure between the both countries as new era of ever expanding multifaceted ties.He pledged to further explore the avenues of cooperation for mutual benefits of both the friendly countries.He said that they would make efforts to improve the infrastructure at Gwadar port, and to bring it at par with Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore.

The Prime Minister said the Chinese companies willing to work in Pakistan over hydro-power projects would be facilitated as well, adding that he had also talked over the prospects of introducing mass transit systems, in Karachi and Lahore and running of high speed trains.Terming the use of alternate energy projects as the integral part of the government’s policy, the Prime Minister informed that he had held successful and threadbare discussions with the Chinese leadership. He also noted that the 60 per cent of Pakistan trade was routed through Guangzhou region.He said that after signing of Karach-Lahore Motorway, the implementation of the projects would soon take place, benefitting the people living in all parts of the country, besides Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

The Prime Minister said that he was also fortunate that he was playing his due role in promoting Pakistan-China relationship.He said that they had promoted their ties with China during his last two tenures of his governments and resolved to strive for the same in 2013.The Prime Minister pointed out that as far as the relationship with China was concerned, any party whether in power or opposition, they had same passion and accorded highest priority to push further the bonds of friendship with China.

Reiterating his stance over the friendship as ‘Sweater than the Sweetest honey’, he said China’s love and affection could be understood from the popular phrase ‘as all weather, highest than the Himalaya, deeper than the ocean and stronger than the steel’.Regarding recent killings of Chinese mountaineers in Gilgit-Baltistan, the Prime Minister said that both the sides had expressed their deep regret over this unfortunate incident, however, such sporadic incidents would not harm their friendship.
he Prime Minister said that one of the achievements of his visit was that during his meetings with the Chinese leadership, China agreed to wave off the levy of Insurance cover of 5-7 per cent.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that he would convene a meeting of the security officials and the leaders of the political parties after his return to the country to discuss and find out ways for the solution of law and order problem.All the security organizations and people had to be on the same page as they could not tolerate such a situation for a long time, he opined.

He also noted with satisfaction that a headway had been made with regard to allocation of funds by the Chinese banks and financial institutions to support the Chinese companies and there were around 40 companies working in Paksitan.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that they have taken extra ordinary interest in resolution of various problems that also surprised the Chinese leadership.“Our past performance was witness that whenever we initiated any project we have accomplished it.”

The Prime Minster pointed out that China has made achievements after getting rid of Red Tapism.He said that, “we will bring forward competent people who have dedication and are full of zeal for work so that the country should march towards the goal of development.”He said the reasons that the people were facing the brunt of high cost of electricity were corruption, inefficiency and bad governance in the past.On security, the Prime Minister said that a National Security Policy will be formulated with the consultation of chiefs of the security institutions and heads of parliamentary parties in Senate and National Assembly, adding, experts and media persons will also be invited.

To get rid of the electricity theft, the Prime Minister said that this task will be given to the provincial Chief Ministers, Council of Common Interest. He said that those elements involved in power theft would be exposed to the nation.The Prime minister said that he also held talks with the Chinese side on Bhasha, Dasu and Bunji dams.For the progress and development of the country, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that, “we will work in this regard on war footing so that people may get sigh of relief.” – APP