PML-N emerges largest party with 117 NA seats

PML-N emerges largest party with 117 NA seats

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz emerged the largest political party in general polls with 117 NA seats while PPP and PTI remained the second and third position respectively. The masses finally gave their judgment by thronging to the polling stations in a huge historic number to extend their obligation for success of democratic process in the country.

According to the unofficial results the PML-N is leading the polls while the PPP is second and PTI is in third largest parties. Awami National Party could not win even a single seat from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The people of Pakistan finally played their due role in the democratic process.

The election commission stated that the turn out ration touched the highest score in the history of the country with 62 to 70 percent turn-out. The over all law and order situation in the country remained peaceful on the polling day, though, as many as 20 persons were killed in election related violence in different parts of Karachi and Balochistan province.

Media reported that the polling was halted on at least 43 polling stations in Karachi, PTI would possibly form its government in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province, as it’s the only political party which is clearly leading in the election race.

In Balochistan province, candidates from different political parties are on the run, which would probably result in forming a collation government in the province, however its still unpredictable to be said that which party would be the major party in the government.