Injured Khan to address Islamabad rally today

Injured Khan to address Islamabad rally today

Khan to address Islamabad rally today
Injured Khan to address Islamabad rally today

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, who was injured after falling from a fork lifter at the party’s public meeting in Lahore on Tuesday, was shifted to a hospital room from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on Wednesday.

A PTI spokesman said the party’s Islamabad public gathering would be held as scheduled with the active participation of Khan. Khan is likely to address the rally over video conferencing.Doctors at Shaukat Khanum Hospital said he was doing well, as few medical tests were conducted after breakfast.The doctors said Khan was given fruits and a cup of tea for breakfast and had been shifted to a room after his condition stabilised.

Khan told reporters later in the day that the incident was a mere accident and there was no conspiracy involved.Khan’s relatives also visited him in the room, while PTI leaders including Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Asad Omar, Shireen Mazari also met their party chairman to decide the party’s future strategy.Talking to reporters, Qureshi said they would soon hold a press conference in which the PTI leadership would announce their next plan.

Asad Omar said Khan’s health was their first priority, however, they would try to convey the PTI chairman’s message to every person of the country.In a video message, wounded Imran Khan said he was well and feeling better.


 Imran Khan’s doctor, Dr Faisal Sultan told reporters that Khan would fully recover in a few days and were amazed at his quick recovery. He said Khan’s third rib on the left side had been affected a bit.Dr Sultan clarified that Khan did not suffer a skull fracture as reported in the media.

“There was a small scalp hematoma, which is just a collection of blood. There was the spinous process of C3, which was a minimally displaced fracture at the tip of C3 and a compression fracture of T6 (thoracic vertebrae). There is also a fracture of T5 vertebrae body and the spinous process. However, the most important and reassuring thing is that the spinal canal is intact and Khan is in full control of his limbs and body functions. There was no neurological compromise.”

He said Khan could address public meetings by telephone, however he has to take permission from his doctors.The doctor also announced that daily updates regarding Khan’s health will be given at 2pm to the press.Dr Sultan said, “The exact duration of Khan’s recovery, bed rest or immobilisation will be decided as time goes on and we will keep you updated on it.”