Musharraf can fly abroad for medical check-up

Musharraf can fly abroad for medical check-up

Islamabad was abuzz with the speculations suggesting that former army chief Pervez Musharraf could fly back to Dubai until government gives him a green signal in this connection.

There were rumours circulating in top circle of federal capital suggesting that a medical board has advised the former dictator to fly abroad for conducting his heart surgery. “Doctors have diagnosed some problem in heart of former army chief and advised him to conduct heart surgery in a modern clinic abroad,” sources told Media  on Tuesday.They said that former president was expected to present a medical certificate before the court to get permission for flying abroad in a couple of days.

Amid late night development on Tuesday, former President Pervez Musharraf, after consulting his close aids, was said to have decided to leave the country.According to sources, Pervez Musharraf has consulted his legal team and some time-trusted friends in the evening taking them all on a conference call.They said nothing was finalised in this regard but a serving senior army officer was said to have offered his role to get Musharraf’s name out of ECL on humanitarian ground.

Dr Amjad, Secretary General of Musharraf’s APML, contradicted the reports and said the former president was not planning to fly abroad. “The former general has no plan to fly out of country. You should not believe in rumours circulating round the corner,” he added.
He said that the moral of former president was high. “Musharraf is determined to face all allegations levelled against him,” he added.

“Pervez Musharraf has come back aiming high to serve his country like he did in the past. There is no question of him leaving abroad,” he added.Legal experts said that Musharraf’s bid to fly abroad could crack the trust between the judiciary and government in case if the later allowed him to fly abroad.  A senior Islamabad-based lawyer Ashraf Gujar said in case the government allowed Musharraf to fly abroad, it could face music by the hands of judiciary. – TheNation