KWSB appoints coordinators for industrial zones

KWSB appoints
KWSB appoints coordinators for industrial zones

KARACHI: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) has appointed Chief Engineer Wajid Ali as coordinator of Landi and Korangi Industrial Areas.

He would work closely with the industrialists and ensure better provision of facilities and resolve problems timely.Moreover, Chief Engineer Faheem Akhtar Zaidi has been appointed the coordinator for Federal B Area Industrial Zone with similar responsibilities as Chief Engineer Wajid Ali.KWSB is also appointing coordinators for other industrials zones to ensure better provision of facilities and timely resolve to the problems that may rise. These steps are taken to ensure that the Industrial Zones in the city are able to run their operations smoothly.

Managing Director KWSB expressing his views on the matter stated that for the betterment of the system and swift provision of facilities it is vital that the industrialists pay their outstanding dues and bills. If the industrialists cooperate with KWSB further betterment in the provision of water and sewerage facilities would be possible. In a letter to Chairman Korangi Association of Trade and Industries (KATI) regarding the outstanding dues and sewerage charges as well as the unpaid pumping station electricity bills of Sector 7-A Pumping station he stated that the industrialists must pay their outstanding dues on monthly basis.

Recently in a meeting between KATI and KWSB, it was decided that KATI and KWSB would work together for the betterment of infrastructure. An eight member committee has already been formulated that would work to improve the KWSB revenue recovery from Korangi and Landhi Industrial areas. – DailyTimes