Altaf seeks army’s help for revolution

Altaf seeks army’s help for revolution

KARACHI: MQM chief Altaf Hussain on Tuesday sought army’s help to bring about the revolution his party was striving for under the leadership of the Tehrik Minhajul Quran Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri.

Dr Qadri flew into the cosmopolitan city to reciprocate the visit an MQM delegation had paid to the TMQ headquarters in Lahore a couple of days ago and address a huge gathering organised to receive him during his maiden visit to Nine Zero, the headquarters of his newfound political partner.The London-based MQM leader, in his hour-long telephonic address, also appealed to the philanthropists to donate generously according to their capacity to bear the expenses of the January 14 long march on Islamabad and make it a success. Camps have been set up to receive the funds, he aaded.Reiterating that the MQM-TMQ struggle would continue till the change of the exploitative system, Altaf said that after January 14 the activists of the two parties would seize the Raiwind estate (belonging to the Sharifs).

The two leaders started the New Year by making the most hard-hitting speeches aimed at ‘energising’ their supporters for the cause ahead.Analysts believe that in case the rulers or somebody else did not take necessary steps to have the planned long march cancelled, the political system may face a serious threat. There are speculations that since the economy is about to collapse because of the corrupt practices of those in power, the powers that be might have the compelling reason to play the role of a saviour.While announcing his future course of action, the MQM chief kept the doors for talks with the rulers open, saying that Dr Qadri would take a decision about parleys.

“A decision about talks will be taken jointly by me and Altaf Hussain,” Qadri cut in.This was a rare show of love and unity between the two leaders, who were speaking the same language, giving the same message to feudal, capitalists, waderas and corrupt elements in society.“The journey for a revolution has started and will continue till the mission is accomplished,” said the MQM chief.He said the MQM-TMQ would rid the country of dynastic politics, looters of national wealth and those who got loans written off.

He asked the Chief Election Commissioner if he was empowered to disqualify such elements for any public office.Honest and competent people belonging to poor and middle classes would be brought to the fore, he said.No power on earth can now block the revolution, said the MQM chief, thanking the PML-Q for lending support and appealing to other parties to join the ‘journey for revolution’.He held out an assurance that the march on Islamabad was not targeted at derailing the system. In fact, it was meant to reform it.

Before the MQM’s leader address, Dr Tahirul Qadri said Islamabad would be converted into the biggest ‘Tahrir Square’, a place which was the venue of all protests against then Egyptian oligarch Hosni Mubarak. The struggle led to the fall of the then president after some 30 years in power.The TMQ chief said the struggle for the revolution would be completely peaceful.He said a genuine democratic system would be introduced in the country, uprooting the existing system of exploitation.He was very happy to note that he and the MQM chief had harmony of thought on the subject. He  again made it clear that he was not a candidate for any office in the govt. – Nation