Dr Khalil Chishti lands to warm welcome

Dr Khalil Chishti
Dr Khalil Chishti lands to warm welcome

KARACHI: Renowned scientist Dr Khalil Chishti acquitted by the Supreme Court of India in a 20 year old murder case on Wednesday, landed at Quaid International Airport on Sunday.

Khalil Chisti was warmly welcomed by citizens hailing from various segments of the society. Khalil served a term of 20 years in Indian jails for being accused of orchestrating murder of a person during an armed scuffle between two groups of Khadims, the servers at the dargah of Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer. Ajmer trial court had convicted Chisti, who allegedly waved a sword during a fight on April 14, 1992. Khalil was awarded a life sentence along with three other men.

Given the sensitivity attached to the case due to involvement of a Pakistani scholar, Justices Sathasivam and Gogoi of India remarked that “Khalil could not have been booked under Section 34 of Indian Penal Code”, which fastens the crime done by one member of a group on other members if they shared a common intention. Justice Sathasivam, who authored the judgment for the bench said “having regard to the facts and circumstances of the role attributed to Khalil Chisti, we are of the view that there was no scope for invoking the applicability of Section 34 of IPC against him.

Even independent witnesses do not attribute any overt role to him. In view of our conclusion that no further custody is required, the (Supreme Court) registry is directed to return the said amount (Rs 5 lakh with interest accrued) to Dr Mohammed Khalil Chisti or his nominee forthwith. It is further directed that if the passport or any other document of the appellant is in the custody of the trial court or any other competent authority of the government of India, they are directed to return the same to him and he is free to return to his country without any restriction”.Dr Khalil Chishti alongwith his wife landed in Karachi on board a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight PK-307. – PT