SC orders Karachi admin to impound illegal vehicles

SC orders Karachi admin to impound illegal vehicles

Supreme Court

KARACHI: The Supreme Court has ordered impounding of illegal vehicles in Karachi and a survey of state-owned land within three months using modern technology.

The directive was issued as a five-member bench of the Supreme Court, led by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, resumed the hearing of Karachi law and order case on Wednesday at the court’s Karachi registry. The other members of bench are Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani, Justice Amir Hani Muslim, Justice Gulzar Ahmad and Justice Muhammad Akhtar Saeed. Sindh Chief Secretary Rana Ghulam Abbas, Sindh Advocate General Abdul Fatah Malik, Sindh Additional Chief Secretary Wasim Ahmad and Sindh IG Fayyaz Leghari were also present in the court.

A report was presented to the court on those accused who had been released on parole during the last five years. It said that over 300 accused people were released on parole. Justice Amir Hani Muslim observed that the lists contained names of 150 such accused who had been apprehended on the charges of possessing illegal arms and were set free on parole. Taking note, Justice Sarmad Jamal Usmani remarked, “We send the culprits to jail and you release them.” The court noted its position would be reduced to nullity this way.

Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali observed that no one in the accused persons’ list deserved to be released on parole. “A list containing the name of all those accused who have been released on parole so far be presented to us which will be reviewed,” he said. The court ordered that it be informed in writing on what grounds the accused people were set free on parole.

Justice Jamali observed that Karachi is the backbone of the country but its economic situation has deteriorated due to law and order situation. He noted that unemployment was on rise and the business community was shifting its enterprises from the city to other countries. Traders have been complaining of lack of security, he added. He further said there were reports that there are 8,000 Taliban in Karachi. Justice Jamali asked Rangers and police to submit a report in this regard. He ordered that the vehicles, including motorcycles, that did not have number plates or had not paid customs be impounded forthwith because they were used in crimes and were under the use of influential persons.

DIG traffic, excise and taxation secretary, officials concerned of the registration and fitness departments were summoned by the court with reports about illegal vehicles. When asked by Justice Jamali why had armed men who had shot dead sacrificial animals before Eid not been arrested, Additional IG Mehmood said police had chased them. Justice Jamali asked him to present wireless record of police to determine whether police really chased them or not.

Earlier, Justice Jamali remarked that no courts orders were needed to carry out a survey of state lands. He said illegal possession of state-owned lands was the root cause of law and order situation in the city and it was the duty of the government to protect its land. Sindh advocate general requested that a period of one year be given to conduct survey of the land. Justice Jamali rejected the request saying geographical information system be put to use for this survey. The hearing of the case will resume today (Thursday). – Dailytimes