Senate declares Balochistan sensitive national issue

Senate declares Balochistan sensitive national issue

Senator Hasil Khan Bizenjo

ISLAMABAD: Senate members have declared the Balochistan issue as a sensitive national issue and stressed the government to resolve it at its earliest.

Expressing their opinion during the debate on law and order issue of Balochistan, Senator Mian Raza Rabbani declared it as a very sensitive and important issue, hence something the federal government should be aware about, as how to tackle it; while senate should also put in its due share over the issue.

Raza Rabbani also floated his 5-point agenda for resolving the Balochistan issue, with salient points like full implementation of the Balochistan package ensuring that the province got its maximum due share of minerals discovered, softening the otherwise illegal role of FC, resolving the core issue of missing persons, and ensure transparent share of general elections here in order to facilitate genuine leadership at the helm of Province’s political affairs.

Earlier Senator Hasil Khan Bizenjo strongly protested over not getting permission to address a major public rally in Khuzdar city by Deputy Commissioner and intelligence officials; “ while, when the rally was still held, the brother of district vice president of my party was killed after a few days” protested Hasil Bizenjo.

He was also quite critical of the fact that during past 65 days Khuzdar city had been opened only for eight days, while during this time 45 people, including journalists, doctors and others were killed. City shops remained closed since past three months, forcing citizens to buy commodities from other cities.

Debating his opinion, ANP’s Haji Adeel also stressed the federal government to clarify the situation in Balochistan more comprehensively, failing which it would be its biggest failure as a ruling clique.He demanded a general amnesty to appease all stakeholders and was critical of imprudent misuse of funds, twice the size of its NFC allocations, which had failed to bring any relief to the Province, while MPAs had turned into overnight billionaires. – Onlinenews