Gilani tells son to appear before court

Gilani tells son to appear before court

LAHORE: Former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said he has advised his son Ali Musa Gilani to appear before the court despite the case against him being ‘fabricated’.

Talking to reporters at the Allama Iqbal Interntional Airport, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) vice chairman said his son Musa had been implicated in a fake and fabricated case, but he would definitely appear before the court. The former premier said he was fully prepared to face all charges against his family members in the court.To a question about the local bodies ordinance issue, he said that the PPP-led government had implemented the Supreme Court’s order and he was sure that the local government elections were going to be held as soon as possible. He said that his party’s government would implement the court orders in any case.

Gilani said all stakeholders were on the same page over the issue of formation of Saraiki province. He said that the Punjab Assembly had passed a resolution unanimously regarding the formation of the Saraiki province, adding that honouring its mandate the National Assembly also passed a similar resolution.

To a question, Gilani said, “We have to follow the constitution what we have to do, and PML-N had itself got the Saraiki province resolution passed unanimously in the Punjab Assembly.” If they have now a different opinion on the matter, he added, it would be their afterthought. “I think, when they (PML-N leadership), on meeting with the south Punjab parliamentarians, will realise that who is representing the people’s aspirations in true sense,” he maintained. To another question, Gilani said the PPP had always respected and fulfilled the Supreme Court orders and “we will obey its orders of holding of Local Bodies’ election”.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf would appear before the Supreme Court on September 18 and would also take steps in accordance with the constitutional provisions, he said.To a question, Gilani said the PPP-led government was striving hard to establish better ties and strengthen its relations with all neighbouring countries including India, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and even the Central Asia Republics. “We have done transit trade with Afghanistan and this trade should be beyond Kabul and over to Central Asia Republics as well,” he said. – Dailytimes