PM urges parliamentarians to take part in legislative business

Raja Pervez Ashraf
Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Monday urged the parliamentarians to take part in the legislative business of the Parliament House on the onset of new session.

The Parliament is the representation of the will of the people as they elect their representatives to solve their problems and legislate for them, said the Prime Minister while talking to parliamentarians at his Parliament House Chamber.The Prime Minister said that the Parliament is the custodian of the rights of the people of country and hence the responsibility lies on the elected representatives to legislate in the best interest of the people.

The Prime Minister said, “We have entered the elections and the focus should now be on the increasing contact with the masses.” Those, who met the Prime Minister, included Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khursheed Shah, Minister for Safron  Eng. Shaukat Ullah, Minister of State for Defence Production Sardar Saleem Haider, Members of the National Assembly Nawab Yusuf Talpur, Akhundzada Chitan, Haji Muneer Aurakzai and Noorul Haq Qadri. – APP