Pakistan facing grave challenges, says Altaf

Pakistan facing grave challenges, says Altaf

Altaf Hussain

Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has warned that the country was facing grave challenges.

In a telephonic address on Monday, Altaf said chief justice of Pakistan had taken action against the prime minister very promptly, but what of the action against killers of people who were roaming free across the country.He said terrorists and killers were released by courts on simple production of an NIC card as a surety bond.About the ongoing row between the judiciary and parliament, he said it would soon be established who was supreme.

Addressing Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Altaf said: “Rehman Bhai, you are good, but the conditions in the country are not good.” “When I warned about the worsening conditions in the country I was not taken seriously and people made fun of my statement, but now things are clear to everybody,” Altaf said.

He said extortionists in Karachi had prohibited weapons, and extorted money was being transferred to Indonesia.Altaf said businesses and industries had been destroyed by extortion mafia.He added that people were suffering due to price hike, load shedding and lawlessness.About the Balochistan situation, he said the Balochistan and Karachi situations were interlinked.“We do not want to divide Pakistan or Sindh,” he said. – PT