PPP Senator Abidi criticizes judiciary

PPP Senator Abidi criticizes judiciary

Senator Abidi criticizes judiciary

PPP Senator Abidi Sunday severely criticized CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhry and other PCO judges.

In a press conference in Islamabad Abidi held  responsible for the alleged financial impropriety done by his son, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.He said all judges who took oath under PCO, including Chief justice of Pakistan should tender a resignations.“Justice Chaudhry says that he had no any idea where his son got all that money from.

I ask, when the case emerged did he ask his son where he got Rs900 million from.”The senator produced bank account statements of Dr Arsalan and said that the person who used to work under somebody else now owns billions of rupees.

He also showed that the billing address mentioned was that of the Chief Justice House in Islamabad.Abdi said Justice Chaudhry was to be blamed for this. This happened right in under his nose.“You cannot pretend to not know anything. Who gave Dr Arsalan the right to use government’s property for running his own businesses? Could he not rent out an office in some other area?”

He said that he would personally investigate Dr Arsalan’s assets and will also go to Dubai and London to inquire about his international bank accounts.“I will probe into the accounts he has activated under the name of mamu.”Abidi said that the Parliament is supreme and is above other institutions.He said it was the duty of the Parliament to form laws and constitution and who has given CJP the right to meddling in its affairs. – Dunyanews